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Where can I find the best quercetin supplement? LifeSeasons has one of the best quercetin supplements, full of natural ingredients, like quercetin, that promote a healthy respiratory tract and immune system. But this allergy and sinus aid does so much more. Let’s learn how quercetin works in our Breathe-X formula and all of the wonderful ways it could benefit you.

where can I find the best quercetin supplement

This blog’s all about quercetin and we’ll cover the following:

  • What is quercetin? And how do you even say it?
  • What are the benefits of quercetin?
  • And most importantly, where can I find the best quercetin supplement?

Keep on reading to find out more about why you need quercetin on your team.

What Is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a natural antihistamine and antioxidant found in many vegetables and fruit. In fact, quercetin is in a class of plant chemicals called “flavonoids.” These phytonutrients have a host of health benefits, but namely, they are used to fight free radical damage.

A free radical is a molecule within the body that has an uneven amount of electrons. An excess number of free radicals damage fatty tissue, harm DNA material, and deplete proteins in your body. This results in many chronic diseases and major illnesses.

Cardio-HealthAntioxidants, like quercetin, do the work of keeping free radicals in check. They either add an extra electron or break down the free radical completely. That’s why it’s important that you find the best quercetin supplement to suit your needs.

How Do You Pronounce “Quercetin?”

Quercetin is pronounced, “kwur-si-tin.” Although this plant chemical is packed with immunity boosting benefits, it isn’t well-known and it’s kind of funky to say. Keep on reading, so you can surprise all of your friends with this cool knowledge and pronounce the word correctly.

The Best Quercetin Supplement Benefits

Adding more quercetin into your diet has so many health benefits, including supporting stronger cardiovascular and immune systems, easing discomfort, and even promoting younger-looking skin. Read our blog for more tips on achieving healthy hair, skin and nails. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of why you need quercetin.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll cover:

  • Inflammation Ease
  • Respiratory Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Stress Management
  • Protection from Allergens

Inflammation Ease

We’ve already talked about quercetin’s role as an antioxidant, but that’s only scratching the surface. Inflammation occurs when the body attempts to protect itself from harmful stimuli. While everyone experiences this, chronic inflammation could be harmful to your health.

Due to its antioxidant properties, the best quercetin supplement can seek out free radicals and plays a role in soothing inflammation. Studies show that quercetin could inhibit many of the chemical pathways that may play a role in inflammation.

Respiratory Health


Quercetin also has properties that assist with respiratory function. This high quality flavonoid can also relax the muscles of your airway, making it easier to breathe. Quercetin also loosens up congestion, clearing a pathway for air to flow to your lungs.

Studies have also found that quercetin could improve respiratory health by targeting harmful pathogens and bacteria. The best quercetin supplement would properly pair its ingredients to boost these respiratory protection properties.

Cardiovascular Health

While there’s no replacement for regular exercise and a heart-healthy diet, more quercetin in your system could have amazing cardiovascular benefits.

For instance, quercetin could relax blood vessels to increase circulation. Studies have shown that quercetin could also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels by absorbing plasma and high-density lipoprotein.

Choosing the best quercetin supplement could mean a first step in an overall healthier lifestyle.

Stress Management

Now more than ever, mental health is so important. It’s no secret that stress can lead to problems with your body, and learning how to manage your stress could really make a difference in your health.

Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone with many functions within the body. It regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and your metabolism.

Cortisol also controls the body’s response to stress and triggers the release of inflammation. High levels of inflammation can damage muscle tissue and break down proteins in the body.

A high-quality quercetin supplement, like Breathe-X, can assist in supporting the body’s natural inflammatory response by suppressing the enzyme needed for the release of cortisol.

Protection from Allergens


When there’s an allergen around, histamines are activated to defend your immune system. These chemicals often result in an allergic reaction as your body tries to get rid of an allergen. Symptoms typically include, sneezing, coughing, having watery eyes or a runny nose, and so many others.

The abnormal release of histamines can negatively impact your respiratory system, causing redness, irritation and swelling of your airways. Quercetin can help by influencing intracellular enzymes and reducing excessive histamine excretion.

Regardless of your health, quercetin is great to have in your diet as immune support. And if you’re someone struggling to hit a good dose of this amazing flavonoid, we’ll let you know where to find the best quercetin supplement.

Where Can I Find the Best Quercetin Supplement?

Breathe-X is one of the best quercetin supplements. We’ve paired this multifaceted flavonoid with Vitamin C and bromelain, which helps soothe sinuses.

Often, we can find quercetin in the foods we eat. They’re in vegetables, like kale and onions, as well as fruit, like blueberries and apples. Did you know you can even find quercetin in green tea and red wine? However, people on average are only getting about 5 to 40 milligrams of quercetin a day from food.

It’s okay to keep eating your fruits and vegetables. But there’s nothing wrong with a little boost of quercetin in your system to promote a healthier immune system. Get your daily dose of quercetin (and more!) when you try Breathe-X.

where can I find the best quercetin supplement