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Clinical Studies

Clinically Tested, Potent Ingredients

At LifeSeasons, we conduct extensive research on individual ingredients and develop formulas that work together synergistically to deliver maximum potency. We are always on a quest to identify the best ingredients to help you maintain an optimum state of health.

LifeSeasons Research Mission

LifeSeasons develops, manufactures, and markets health supplements that are designed to support the body’s changing nutritional needs through every phase of life. We identify specific health concerns, then develop the most effective and potent combination of clinically tested ingredients that the body can easily absorb.   

Main goals of the LifeSeasons research program:   

  1. To provide assurance and confidence in personal health matters.   
  2.  To become a science-based educational resource.   
  3.  To provide information used in formulating and reformulating products.

Ultimately, we support unbiased, peer-reviewed research to provide confidence to individuals and their healthcare partners.   

We believe in nature; the next step is to support the scientific process in proving what the ancients have always known: Nature Works.

Study Partners

KGK Science Inc.   

KGK Science is a premium contract research organization (CRO) offering high-quality clinical research trials and expert regulatory support for the nutraceutical, cannabis, and hemp industries.      

WINDREF Research Institute  

WINDREF Research Institute connects scientists from around the world. They advance health and environmental development through multidisciplinary research and educational programs.   

Natural Immune Systems Labs and Dr. Gitte Jensen 

NIS Labs focus on immunology research and have published extensively over the last 20 years. They offer an array of standardized testing to determine antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory effects.  

Dr. Jensen’s academic background is in cancer research with a special focus on immune surveillance and systems biology. She has a strong interest in natural products, nutrition, and herbal and complementary medicine. Her appointments at the University of Aarhus, the University of Alberta, and McGill University provide a unique bridge for serving traditional medicine.

Glucose Stabili-T  

Research Partner: WINDREF, 2017-2019  

A randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled study that investigated the effects of lifestyle alone compared with lifestyle supplemented with Glucose Stabili-T.  

Conclusion: Adherence to recommended lifestyle change and consistent use of Glucose Stabili-T showed better results than those with lifestyle change and placebo only. There were no adverse events reported with the use of Glucose Stabili-T. 


Research Partner: KGK Science, 2019  

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that investigated how well Relieve-R alleviated non-pathological aches and discomfort in healthy adults.  

Conclusion: Research found that Relieve-R (formerly Pain Bloc-R) provides significant reductions in pain severity, musculoskeletal discomfort, and inflammation in healthy adults.   

“With a variety of analgesic ingredients, Relieve-R matched the efficacy of acetaminophen, potentially by targeting multiple pain pathways with its ingredients. This is certainly an exciting finding as participants reported clinically meaningful reductions in their average pain and pain severity with Relieve-R.” – Dr. Mal Evans, Chief Scientific Officer at KGK Science 

This study was published in the peer-reviewed journal, “Nutrients,” in 2020. Read more. 

Check out our White Paper: “Pain management in patients showing intolerance to conventional approaches.” Read more.

Research Partner: KGK Science, 2020

A randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study that investigated the efficacy of the Rest-ZZZ formula in healthy participants with difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.   

Conclusion: Participants who took Rest-ZZZ found that they had a more restful sleep that corresponded with improvements in sleep-related quality of life and overall mood. Rest-ZZZ may be a more effective sleep aid, particularly in those aged 45 years or less, compared to diphenhydramine, with a more favorable safety profile. Diphenhydramine is a common over-the-counter drug used in multiple sleep products and is not recommended for long-term use.  

This study was published in, “Sleep and Biological Rhythms” in 2022. Read more.  

Clinical Immunity Quick-Start  

Research Partner: NIS Labs, 2021   

Clinical Immunity Quick-Start was designed to increase immune alertness and responsiveness within two hours. This is based on previous research on EpiCor®, a key ingredient. A goal of this study was to support the two-hour response claim, while also showing evidence of synergy. There is not one single ingredient that is solely responsible for all effects, but the ingredients collaborate in a synergistic manner.  

Conclusions: Quick-Start treatment of immune cells triggered increases in both activation markers on NK and NKT cells and monocytes. This activation was strongest for the Quick-Start formula, but clearly also seen for Saccharomyces, Vitamin C, and NatramuneTM. This suggests that these ingredients collaborated towards the effectiveness of Quick-Start.  

There is a pending publication in a scientific journal later this year.  


Research Partner: KGK Science, 2021 

KGK Science conducted an open-label study to evaluate the efficacy of Dr. Bredesen’s PreCODE Protocol and LifeSeasons’ NeuroQ supplement in supporting cognition in healthy adults with risk factors for cognitive decline. Since Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other dementias are multifactorial disorders, a multidimensional approach was used in the current study.   

Conclusion: NeuroQ and the PreCODE Protocol combined to show significantly improved cognitive function, quality of life, daytime sleepiness, and mood in adults at risk of cognitive decline. Improvements in cognitive function were evident 30 days after initiating the lifestyle intervention and improvements in quality of life, including general health, energy, pain, physical functioning, and sleep reported after 90 days. Placebo- or comparator-controlled studies are warranted to confirm these findings. 

Manuscript under peer review for scientific publishing. 

Case Study Contributions  

Case studies provide a valuable record of clinical practice. While case studies cannot provide specific guidance for the management of successive patients, they are a record of clinical interactions that may assist the practitioner. This is especially true for patients who are not candidates for recommended clinical protocols or who may choose a holistic pathway to health. An overwhelming majority of clinical interactions occur in the field, not in teaching or research facilities. It is therefore important for field practitioners to record and pass on their patient experiences.   


A Clinically Verified Consumer Report, 2018  

This report presents a case study on a patient who could not tolerate pharmaceutical drugs and incorporated a natural dietary supplement as an alternative to pain management for dental abscesses.  

Conclusion: Over-the-counter medications, including acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in recommended amounts, were ineffective for the patient’s pain. The patient was able to control pain and heal from a known painful and high-risk dental procedure using Relieve-R.  


Adult Macular Degeneration (AMD) Case Studies, 2022 

Three individuals, who had been diagnosed with AMD, volunteered to participate in an observational study. Their optometrists partnered with Dr. Margaret Apostol, a primary care physician, and Robbi Parker, a Bredesen-certified health coach, to optimize the patient’s health. A comprehensive treatment plan was designed to continue the current standard of care and add an individualized treatment strategy. This plan would focus on the identification and treatment of degenerative drivers to optimize health and support the body’s own innate healing processes in an effort to halt disease progression and potentially reverse AMD. The early-stage, pre-treatment AMD case study protocol was based on the theory that better overall body health would lead to a better eye health prognosis.  

LifeSeasons supplements were individually prescribed as needed per medical doctor judgment and free of charge to all participants. All subjects received the ReCODE Protocol supplements. Patients were also prescribed various other supplements and medications according to their individualized treatment plan needs. LifeSeasons products used during the course of this study included: Choles-T, Glucose Stabili-T, BP Stabili-T, NeuroQ, Digestivi-T, IB Soothe-R, Inflamma-X, Puri-T, Rest ZZZ, Thyro-T, and Relieve-R.    

Conclusion: This study supports the theory that there are long-term benefits in providing a team approach to AMD treatment plans. Rather than watch and wait with supplementation, consider the functional medicine approach of treating the root cause of neurodegenerative eye disease by optimizing full body health through lifestyle and nutrition optimization. All patients acknowledged multiple physical and mental health benefits to this team approach. More investigation is needed with more robust controlled trials to document whether this approach will halt or even reverse an AMD diagnosis. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming white paper detailing the outcomes of this case study.