Methyl Folate Quick Melts
Methylation Cycle Support

  • Promotes methylation cycle function
  • Maintains healthy cells
  • Supports balanced mood and cognitive function
  • Delicious, fast-dissolving, lemon-flavored tablet


What to Expect

Promotes Methylation Cycle Function

Aids in DNA synthesis and repair, supporting robust cellular health.*

Maintains Healthy Cells

Assists in the production of red blood cells, crucial for oxygen transport.*

Supports Mood and Cognition

Contributes to neurotransmitter production and regulation, crucial for mood and brain function.*

Methyl Folate Quick Melts

Health Benefits

Our Methyl Folate Quick Melts supplement acts as a catalyst for cellular well-being. It’s a powerhouse supporting cognitive function, bolstering energy levels, and nurturing cardiovascular health. Overall, it serves as a guardian of vitality, harmonizing bodily functions and fostering an enduring sense of wellness.*

Common Supplement Results

Methyl Folate, also known as 5-MTHF, is essential for many biological processes, including gene expression, DNA synthesis, cell division, and neurotransmitter production. It supports nervous system, cardiovascular, and reproductive health. Methyl Folate is the active form of folate, or Vitamin B9. This form extends the rate of absorption; the nutrient stays in the body for longer, which increases efficacy.*

Suggested Use

1 Quick Melt Daily

Why we created Methyl Folate Quick Melts

Our convenient Quick Melt tablets provide an easy, delicious way to get vital nutrients. They are especially helpful for those averse to or unable to swallow capsules. We created Methyl Folate Quick Melts because methylation, a crucial process in our cells, impacts many important functions like repairing genes, managing brain chemicals, and making energy. But things like diet, lifestyle, and genetics can alter this process, affecting our well-being. Our Methyl Folate Quick Melts aim to assist this process, supporting overall health and keeping things running smoothly in our bodies.*