Bacopa Extract
900 mg

  • Enhances memory and mental performance
  • Promotes healthy stress response
  • Strengthens defense against cell damage
  • 30 Day Supply


What to Expect

Memory Enhancement

Supports concentration and mental clarity.

Stress Support

Releases tension and promotes feelings of calmness.

Common Results

May support the brain’s ability to retain information, promote relaxation, and strengthen the body’s natural defenses against free radicals.

Bacopa Plant 900 mg

Health Benefits

Traditionally, the Bacopa Plant has been used in Asian and Ayurvedic medicine to enhance cognitive functions. Studies show that Bacopa, or Brahmi, could promote optimal brain performance by balancing levels of neurotransmitters and stress hormones. This has a positive influence on mood, concentration, motivation, memory, and the ability to process information.

Bacopa is rich in antioxidants and beneficial for its nootropic properties. It can be effective support for cellular repair, protection against aging, and building stronger cells against free radicals.

What is Bacopa used for?

Bacopa is an herbal supplement that can be used to improve focus, ease stress, and support cognition. It offers balance for your body and brain without sedation or stimulation.

Suggested Use

Take two (2) capsules daily with or without food.

Bacopa Plant 900 mg works best when taken as part of a daily routine. Based on third-party research, LifeSeasons uses therapeutic amounts of ingredients. Adjust the serving to suit your needs. Use as suggested or reduce the dose based on your preferences. Everyone is different, and results will vary from person to person.

Why We Created Bacopa Supplements

Bacopa is a holistic solution to an age-old problem. This natural cognitive support supplement has been found to promote concentration, memory, and other healthy brain functions. Bacopa contains many powerful antioxidants. Your body uses antioxidants to fight against harmful free radicals that contribute to mental decline and other health-related challenges.

That’s why we’ve created our Bacopa supplement with Bacosides A and B, two active components that help promote mental performance, strong brain health, and increased concentration.