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You likely have never heard of Vinpocetine if you reside in the U.S.  but it has been used for decades in Europe to help with vascular diseases and brain health potential. If you are one of the few that knows of Vinpocetine, then you know it derives from the Periwinkle plant, IS available in America, and is a brain and blood powerhouse.

In this blog article discussing the weekly ingredient…

You’ll learn Vinpocetine benefits, how this ingredient supports brain health and blood flow, and lastly, you’ll learn about the benefits and uses of this compound.

What is Vinpocetine and Its Benefits?

The substance Vinpocetine, also known as Vinpocetina, is derived from the Periwinkle plant. In Germany, it is sold under the brand name Cavinton as a prescribed drug.  It is known for its health properties of vasodilation (expands blood vessels) and cognitive enhancement. Periwinkle grows in European countries where it historically is used in multiple health remedies. 2

Though to understand the benefits and health opportunities with Vinpocetine, it’s important to know the vascular system and blood flow. Why? For a vibrant, healthy, brain and body, the blood vessels and blood flow are vital to delivering essential nutrients and oxygen. The vascular system has three types of vessels:1

  1. arteries to carry blood away from your heart.

  2. capillaries connecting arteries to veins.

  3. veins to carry blood back to your heart.

Our circulatory system continuously delivers 5 liters of blood throughout the body, organs, and brain. Optimal blood flow is essential for health and disease prevention.2

Optimal Blood Flow Facts: 3, 4

  • New research indicates our brain cells may have slower aging but it’s your blood vessels that provide essential nutrients and oxygen.

  • The human brain utilizes 20% of the body’s blood flow.

  • A healthy adult brain receives one-seventh of the heart’s blood output per minute.

  • The cerebral blood vessels in your body can narrow with age and cause atherosclerosis, or the accumulation of calcified plaque.

Exercise, proper eating, and avoiding nicotine can help keep the vascular system youthful while reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and peripheral artery disease.

Natural occurring substances from plants can also offer tangible benefits to improving blood flow to the body and brain. One such ingredient is Vinpocetine used by early adopting health hackers who want to improve brain and cognitive functions.6

Vinpocetine health benefits and uses

Vinpocetine Benefits & Uses: Health Conditions Helped By Vinpocetine

The physiological benefits of Vinpocetine are known to aid brain health,  neural protection, and more; though the exact mechanism of how Vinpocetine works is still being studied.

As a supplement Vinpocetine can aid in the following health conditions:

  1. Tinnitus or persistent ringing in the ears can be helped with Vinpocetine. In a scientific review, Vinpocetine was found to decrease tinnitus in subjects suffered from acute acoustic trauma.9

  2. Cerebrovascular diseases are a medical condition impairing the blood vessels and cerebral circulation in the brain. The most common cerebrovascular disease is hemorrhagic stroke and has a risk factor for high blood pressure. Clinical studies show evidence that Vinpocetine has hemorheological effects and improves brain metabolism and blood flow that can improve the quality of life for chronic cerebrovascular patients.10

  3. Memory enhancement and cognitive brain function improvements may occur with Vinpocetine. Early evidence suggests protective and blood flow improvement properties for Alzheimer’s disease while inhibiting a substance called phosphodiesterase. More research is required, and underway, to understand the potential benefits of using Vinpocetine to help with Alzheimer’s.11

  4. Aid female urinary incontinence by regulating the bladder spasm. In lab studies, Vinpocetine relaxes the bladder’s smooth muscle tissue. The urinary bladder is all smooth muscle and using Vinpocetine causes inhibition of PDE1, which is a phosphodiesterase enzyme also known as calcium that helps regulate bladder spasms.12

What Are The Side Effects of Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine Side Effects & Awareness Tips

Most of the literature shows no harmful side effects with Vinpocetine during clinical trials. Top health sites such as WebMD states,

“appears to be possibly safe for most people when taken by mouth appropriately.”

but WebMD does highlight possible side effects including stomach pain, nausea, sleep disturbances, headache, flushed face, dizziness and more.

Awareness tips for Vinpocetine indicate avoiding use if pregnant or breastfeeding due to a lack of clinical research in this area. Additional precautions are warranted for those who have blood clotting disorder, weak immune system, or post-surgery.

Drug interactions can occur with drugs that slow blood clots including aspirin, ibuprofen, warfarin, and more.2

Learn More About Vinpocetine and the Ingredients that Help Support Blood Flow

When we think of health, blood flow isn’t one of the topics that typically comes to mind. Yet, the plumbing of the vascular system plays a vital role in the delivery of life-enhancing compounds.

On top of rest, regular exercise, and avoiding unhealthy habits – our vascular system can remain supple and capable of doing its vital work.

If Vinpocetine in regards to ingredient knowledge has peaked your interest for more information, here are some links where you can feed your curiosity:

The power of Vinpocetine is being discovered for memory and cognitive performance as well as cerebrovascular health. Don’t take your blood flow for granted.

We’d love for you to share any insights and tips you have about Vinpocetine, how you use the supplement, and how it helps you with blood flow and brain health, if not more. Share with the LifeSeasons community and support our belief that knowledge is power and our community our life source.

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